Oh, Lonesome Tree!

By Phil Cowan, Birdtographer

                                              Spring                                                                                Summer

Gone are the visiting avocets and  ibises; flown away are the robins and warblers; vanished are the phoebes and flycatchers. Left behind are ravens and vultures; domestic ducks and geese. 
 Oh lonsome tree!
A few flocks of skittish horned larks remain in the desert along with an occasional covey of California Quail, but nary an egret, great ,cattle, or snowy.  Ubiquitous house finches and sparrows breed and nest in the eaves, eschewing arboreal abodes. 
 Oh, lonesome tree!
The leafy sanctuaries formerly atwitter with song only a month ago, now languish in birdlessness.  But we, the faithful avian afficionados, will  faithfully frequent the parks and ponds searching for a vagrant sandpiper or sapsucker to satisfy our birding zeal while yearning for March or  September  when once more the rivers of migrants will flow, filling the vacant boughs. 
 Meanwhile, Oh, lonesome tree!

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